Objectiveli Helps Businesses Achieve Their Goals And Objectives

November 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

It’s common practice for companies to come up with a list of goals and objectives that they want to meet in a certain period of time. The problem is that very few of those companies actually think about the employees when making those decisions, with the end result being that the average worker becomes unclear on the direction of the business. Web based applications like Objectiveli have been created to address that very problem, with the end goal of using such software being increased productivity and profits.

Objectiveli is, simply put, a goals and objectives management system that has been put together to help everyone in an organization stay focused on a clear set of directives. You might very well wonder why an automated system is more effective than simply creating the goals and objectives and asking everyone to follow them. The answer is fairly simple and it all tends to come back to management all too often falling into the trap of managing by the moment. What that means is that their long term focus can be taken away when a minor crisis arises. They will commit time and resources to put out small fires, which in turn lead to more people losing sight of the big picture goals.

Many managers find it incredibly difficult to set companywide goals, especially when there are a number of different departments within the organization. If can be tough to keep track of all the moving parts, many of which are moving independently of the other. Different departments can often get caught up in an “us versus them” mentality, rather than realizing that each of them is working towards a common company goal. Objectiveli keeps everyone focused on the big picture and creates an environment of cooperation that is otherwise hard to maintain.

The performance of every employee is critical to the future success of the organization, so it’s important to be able to measure just how well everyone is doing. The Objectiveli management system allows managers to measure the performance of each employee against the goals that have been set. This should not be regarded as a “Big Brother” type scenario, but rather as a valuable tool that will help managers assess what each employee needs to succeed. It’s not always a lack of effort that leads to failure, but rather a lack of training, tools and resources. Objectiveli helps managers identify what each individual needs in order to bring positive outcomes to the company.

When an employee feels that they are part of the decision process and that they are receiving all that they need to perform their job well, they are more likely to stay with the organization and deliver positive results. It’s a win/win situation all around, with the top executives seeing their plans being executed by management and employees who are all on the same page. That is the power that Objectiveli brings to a business.

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Ritu Raj is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to bringing innovative services and systems to market, which create new experience for people at the same time makes a difference in their lives. Ritu has been in Information Technology for 25 years. In the past he has founded successful companies like OrchestratorMail, WagHotels (Largest Chain of Dog Hotels in the world) and Avasta (Pioneered Cloud Computing, acquired by Navisite). Ritu was a Partner at Accenture and a Senior Executive at TMP Worldwide.

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